The Family Violence Project of Waterloo Region is a welcoming, supportive space where many partners work together from one location. Our services are victim-focused and trauma-informed.



Needs & Risk Assessment

Through professional consultations and/or questionnaires, risk assessments evaluate the level of harm victims, and other people connected to them, may be facing. Risk assessments can assess the likelihood of further domestic violence occurring and can address any further needs that a victim may have.


Individualized Safety Planning

The goal of safety planning is to find strategies that will protect victims and their loved ones (e.g., children, pets, relatives). Through one-on-one meetings, we can create personalized plans to protect you and your loved ones from experiencing further violence or abuse. A safety plan can also help you know how to react if you do experience any danger in the future.


Counselling (individual, group, family, couples)

The Family Violence Project provides a safe place for victims of domestic violence to receive help and support from counsellors who are caring, sensitive, and respectful, and who are specifically trained in intimate partner violence. Services include individual, group and couples counselling as well as family and child therapy.


Information on Police Reporting and Criminal Court Process

Partners of the Family Violence Project are here to walk you through the process of filing a police report and learn about court proceedings related to domestic violence. If you are already involved in court proceedings, partners can help to inform you of the status of your case and next steps.


Shelter/Housing Supports

Some victims of intimate partner violence need to seek safety through emergency shelter support. The Family Violence Project’s partners can assist you and your children with transitioning safely to shelter or connect you with temporary housing support.


Child Protection

Family violence can cause children to be unsafe and vulnerable to abuse and neglect. By working with Family and Children’s Services, we strive to ensure that your children and whole family are safe and protected. Together, we can develop a plan and engage with further supports to ensure the well-being of your family.

*Language interpretation is available for all services.