The partners of the Family Violence Project work together to provide seamless, victim-centred and trauma-informed wraparound support for victims of family violence. Our partners come from various sectors including mental health, legal/judicial, child welfare, and housing.


Camino Wellbeing + Mental Health

Camino provides a variety of counselling options including individual, family, couples and group counselling as well as credit counselling.

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Child Witness Centre

Supports children, youth, and their families in our communities as they journey through the criminal justice process.

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Crown Attorney’s Office

Available to meet with clients for an in-depth, informative session on court procedures and inquiries pertaining to an individual or specific case.

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Family and Children’s Services

Focuses on at-risk children within their family settings and aim to work with families to help get the help they need to care safely for their children at home.

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Intimate Partner Violence Unit, Waterloo Regional Police Service

The IPV unit is comprised of trained officers who will conduct a thorough investigation and update victims.

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Senior Support Team, Waterloo Regional Police Service

On a mission to prevent and respond to elder abuse by working in partnership with the community.

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Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Treatment Centre

Involves a team of social workers and nurses who provide acute care to victims of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.

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Victim Services Unit, Waterloo Regional Police Service

Provides crisis intervention for victims of crime, including family violence.

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Victim Witness Assistance Program

A voluntary program offered through Ontario Victims & Vulnerable Persons Division within the Ministry of the Attorney General.

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Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region

Supports women and children who are experiencing domestic violence and operate two emergency shelters.

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